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Fluid Machinery Laboratory

Objectives: The objective of this laboratory is to determine the various parameters related to fluid flow in pipes and in open channels. This lab has basic fluid mechanics set-up which helps students to understand basic concepts related to the subject.

Context:  At present, it is equipped with hydraulic benches & various stand-alone equipment to carry out experiments like determination of Metacentric height of a floating vessel, verification of the Bernoulli’s energy equation, study of transition from laminar to turbulent flow, determination of velocity profile for pipeline flow, determination of coefficient of discharge for obstruction flow meter (Venturimeter /orifice meter), determination of hydraulic coefficients for flow through an orifice, determination of friction coefficient for pipes of various diameters and calculation of minor head losses in pipes.

Equipment list: Redwood Viscometer, Major and minor losses apparatus, Modified Bernoulli’s theorem, Metacentric height, Haleshaw apparatus, Pressure measurement set-up, Reynolds’s setup, Calibration of venturimeter & orifice meter.

Laboratory Incharge (Faculty) – Prof. Hanumant Narute.