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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Department at a Glance

The Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering has well-equipped and spacious laboratories and highly qualified faculty. The B.E Electronics and Telecommunication course aims to teach students the fundamental skills required to satisfy the needs of a growing economy incorporated with applied engineering aspects.

The course helps the students acquire knowledge of electronics and telecommunications problems and analyze it to provide appropriate solutions too. Design implementation, experimentation, computer programming, robotics are some disciplines taught through various seminars, discussions and quizzes. It has a balance of theoretical, practical knowledge integrated with self-learning.


To be pioneers in building sustainable knowledge and skill economy in the domain and cutting edge technologies to cater to the needs of society and organizations with eco-sensitivity.  


M1: To create technical manpower by providing excellent blend of knowledge, skills and expertise with a broad intellectual spectrum to meet demands of industries.

M2: To engage, lead and collaborate with an ecosystem of education and technology with premier organizations to enhance employability and entrepreneurship.

M3: To create academic spirit and engage professionals in innovation and creativity on inter and multidisciplinary fields to evolve technocrats.

M4: To instill critical thinking, complex problem solving, evaluating, reasoning, analyzing, decision making and higher IT skills

M5: To impart leadership, emotional intelligence, communications, team building, attitude, values, ethics and social responsibilities.

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