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Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
– Student Projects

1.Project Title – Selection of Optimum Network using Vertical Handover.

Name of Students Shubham Hude, Sonal Kemdarne

Project Description- The MATLAB algorithm selects LTE, WiFi, GSM networks which have high power.

2.Project Title – Universal Network Setup for Advance Communication

Name of Students Nikita Badakh,Rupali Ichake, Diksha Shewale

Project Description-The network is setup which contains approximately all communication technologies. This reduces the efforts and money required for upgradation of the communication system.

3.Terrain Aware Beacon using LiDAR Technology

Name of Students Poorva Ambaldhage, Arneja Rasleenkaur, Rachita Pednekar

Project Description-The purpose of this research is to use LiDAR technology for effective, fast and simultaneous data transmission and reception in all the direction (throughout 360 degree) in harsh environment for analysis of occurrence of natural disaster.

4.Asset tracking system using IoT

Name of Students Lele Basveshwar, Diksha Vhaskeri, Namrata Wakati 

Project Description- This is a system which allows tracking the location of object, goods, personal within a building or any facility. This system uses RF Technology along with IoT.

5.Design Of DSP Operation Using Vedic Mathematics

Name of Students Muntazir Mohd Tali, Aarti Patil, Sushmita Chavan

Project Description-The implementation of high speed DSP operations of two finite length sequences using Vedic Urdhava-Triyagbhyam multiplication Sutra is done.

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