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Dhole Patil All Round Development Scheme

Objectives of the DPARDS for students

  • To develop self confidence and self esteem
  • To get rid of stage fright and maintain emotional balance while facing audiences
  • To enhance leadership, managerial and behavioural skills
  • To identify weaknesses and take remedial actions
  • To improve communication and interpersonal skills
  • To allow the most introverted a chance to shine
  • To transform strength into opportunities
  • To learn to maintain a balanced temperament and emotional stability

The practice is implemented for First Year Engineering students under the guidance of Prof. Anil Darekar, Head of DPARDS. The team consists of five faculty members who are class teachers for FE.

Students participate in indoor stage activities such as Introduce  yourself, Elocution, Extempore, Debates, Tech fest, and sports activities such as Cricket, Basketball, Handball, Football, Volleyball, etc. throughout the year for all round development of students. All activities are successfully conducted as per schedule.

During the testing, each student is allotted 3 minutes each in the first four activities. Performance of students is evaluated as per the grade distribution format. Each division has a DPARDS teacher and students’ coordinator for smooth conduction of all events. Prizes are awarded to three winners of each division for all events for encouraging the students. All documentation is maintained by the respective DPARDS class teacher coordinators. It is observed that students enthusiastically and joyfully participate in all events.

Activities Practiced:



An extempore is one in which the participants are given a topic & limited  time on the spot in which they have to prepare a speech relevant to the topic, memorize it & speak it. To develop self confidence and self esteem. Major objectives of extempore are to evaluate knowledge on specific topic and evaluate presence of mind and rapid brain response. The confident extempore is to convince intended audience without nervousness by means of current and creative information to impart new opportunities.


It is a process that involves formal discussion on a particular topic. In a debate, opposing arguments are put forward to argue for opposing viewpoints. Debate is a learner centric activity associated with formal discussions on specific topics in public meetings. It is provides far and opposing arguments, experiences to encourage cognitive and presentation skills. The debaters become skilled for arguments and logistics. He learns research proficiency, organizing and presenting information, gain multi faceted knowledge cutting across numerous disciplines beyond the boundaries of normal academics that increases confidence, poise, self esteem, critical thinking, ability to organize thoughts, analysis, reasoning, effective speech composition and involve in teamwork.

Tech Fest:

Power Point Presentation on any technical topics. Students suppose to prepare 5-10 slides & present it. Technical presentation at first year level help the students for facing oral , practical & project presentation during there Engineering.

Sports Game:

Sports games like Cricket, basketball, Handball, Football etc involve physical and tactical challenges, and test the player’s precision and accuracy. Fitness is first, for mental fitness, physical fitness is very important. In order to increase concentration of students toward studies various sport activities were conducted.


The elocution is a learner centric activity skilled with speech style for clear and expressive delivery, diverse pronunciation and articulation that focuses and evaluates grammar, vocabulary, posture, gestures, oration, accent and tone. The elocution is effective speaking approach for social acceptability. It is speech art for message transmission to the community.

The Context:

Bulks of students admitting to DPCOE are hailing from rural areas with lacking in etiquette, communication, confidence, motivations and other personality traits. Hence, it is hour of need to evolve the programs to overcome the personality deficiencies such as patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior of the students and mold them to be employable.

Evidence of Success/ Outcomes of Program:

  • Stage Fear of students is eliminated.
  • Confidence level and morale of students are improved.
  • Leadership qualities are developed in students who readily accept responsibilities.
  • The students are inspired to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.
  • Students are able to organize the national events like Independence Day and Republic day. They are involved in pared march, speeches about freedom fighters and drama on soldier’s sacrifices for the nation, etc.
  • Students participate in state and national level competitions like SAE SUPRA, Go KARTING, ROBOCON, Purushottam Karandak, Firodia Karandak etc, and obtained prizes and ranks.
  • As a result of self awareness, the students have exhibited improvement in their presentations in seminars and project works.
  • Oral and written communication skills of the students are improved.
  • Students are able to carry out self introduction, emotional intelligence, conflict management principles, time management, team building and empathy.
  • Revolutionary change in attitudes, humility, integrity and perceptions are observed.

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Dhole Patil All Round Development Scheme (DPARDS)