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Dhole Patil Scholarship Scheme

Our beloved Chairman Hon. Shri. Sagar Ulhas Dhole Patil established a Scholarship scheme for the students and parents whose financial condition is not good enough to pay college and hostel fees despite a strong desire to study engineering. “Dhole Patil Scholarship Scheme” was implemented in the year 2016 with the guidance of Hon. Chairman Shri. Sagar Dhole Patil and Secretary Hon. Mrs. Uma Sagar Dhole Patil to give assistance to those students and parents whose economical situation is not enough to pay the full fees of college and Hostel.

While offering this scholarship scheme, we received applications from students  to avail this scholarship scheme. Then, as per our process we further qualify the students by interviewing their parents, this way we understand their family conditions, their income source, and try to understand their problems. Sometimes these parents have a lack of documentation in Education loans, sometimes they have communication problems with bank representatives, also we sometimes visit their native places and answer their queries so that they may avail funding to get the education.

Students and parents are very happy that we individually take care of them. Through this personal introduction with parents we analyse and decide how we may help them. In this way we provide them scholarship in terms of financial assist. We also take their whole parenting and guide them throughout the process. Every year through this scholarship scheme more than 100 students benefit.

Scholarship Record