• I am Bhushan Dangare, student of SE Automobile Engineering, have taken admission in 2019-20. DPCoE has many sporting facilities for students to maintain their health condition. Wi-Fi is available in the hostel for students e-education. Hostel rooms are very good. The library is also available to students who cannot afford books at high prices.  Classrooms are digitalised and are very good, as is the quality of teaching. The teachers are excellent and highly trained. They are helping us to perform many activities, which is good. We get good industry exposure. 


    bhushan dangare
    Mr. Bhushan Dangare
    SE Automobile Engineering
  • I was unable to concentrate on my  studies and moreover, being very shy, I never participated in extracurricular activities. When I enrolled in DPCOE, as a part of college procedure, a Teacher-Guardian was allotted to me. Through personal counselling and follow up, gradually I started participating in class level activities, while also my exam performance also improved. This was just the start! Right now, I am the captain of the SUPRA team. Many thanks to TGs and Honorable Chairman Sagar Dhole Patil sir for having such wonderful scheme for overall student development in DPCoE.


    Ravi Jadhav
    Mr. Ravi Jadhav
  • My son studies in the Automobile Branch in DPCoE. Akshay is very  happy with (the college’s) cooperative attitude, excellent teaching and specially the teachers giving him extra time whenever required. We were surprised to see teachers who discourage external tuitions and spend their own time conducting extra classes for individuals or groups. This generates trust and security in the student. Regular Parent Teacher Meetings and personal connect with students, and the wonderful and sincere teachers have given my family deep faith in DPCoE. My sincere regards to Chairman sir, and all the teachers and staff.

    Mr.Anilkumar Shrivastav
    Mr. Anilkumar Srivastava
  • I am Mandeep Singh Bhamra , student of SE Automobile Engineering, in 2019-20. The classes here are interactive in nature and are a healthy mix of formal lectures, case studies and presentations. An equal weightage of 50% is given to both internal and external exams. Tests are conducted on a regular basis which can be both, planned as well as surprise in nature. The college has good infrastructure. There are special labs for all the streams, and they are good. Ethical hacking courses are also conducted by staff, and they are given a chance to students to present their interest. Basically, the environment on the campus is highly conducive to study.

    Mandeep Singh
    Mr. Mandeep Singh Bhamra
    SE (Automobile Engineering)
  • I was admitted in academic year 2016-17 as a DSE student. At that time, I was very shy and unable to converse with the other students. My TG identified this and helped me to overcome my fear of public speaking. Now I am the Second Topper of BE Automobile and also GO-KART Team member.

    Thank you DPCoE for having the TG Mentor scheme.


    Mr. Ashutosh Yadav
    Mr. Ashutosh Yadav
  • The college provides good placement depending on students’ grades and skills. Some students prefer to do private business.

    Still, the college provides good placements due to the industrial area surrounding the college, and good collaboration of the T&P Cell with big companies.

    Mr.Madan ji Dubey
    Mr. Madan Dubey