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Information Technology

Department at a Glance

The course provides a BE in Information Technology which is an undergraduate program that includes an in-depth study of computer programming and software development. We aim to create well-rounded IT professionals that are able to work in a rapidly changing sphere of computers.

The curriculum is a balance of all things computer, networks, software design to inculcate IT skills. Graduates will have the ability to conduct appropriate research and apply technical skills required for entrepreneurship or running an industry. Further, they will also have the skills to create, design and test software’s and understand IT problems and come up with solutions for them.

Department intake: 45



To be frontier in building professionally competent human resources capable of functioning in global environment for secure and seamless service to enterprises and society by the utilization of sustainable cutting edge technologies with profound quality.


M1: To build a vibrant multicultural learning ecosystem for value based skill education to promote core competence in recent tools and technologies.

M2: To empower complex problem solving skills and multidisciplinary activities with state of art training to cater to societal needs.

M3: To work in partnership with academia, industry and society to redress the effects of revolutionary changes in technology and consequent academic requirements.

M4: To enhance required professional attributes such as leadership, team building, entrepreneurship, environmental sensitivity and safety.

M5: To inculcate transferable skills such as attitude, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, interpersonal skills and professional ethics.

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