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Information Technology – Student Projects

1. Project Title: Robust Traceable Keyword Search on Cloud Storage

Name of Students: Suraj Shinde, Toshal Gore, Achala Kumari

Project Description: The enforcement of access control and the support of keyword search are important issues in secure cloud storage system. To obtain encrypted user records containing a certain keyword from the public cloud, a data user generates a keyword trapdoor and sends it to the cloud. KGC generates public parameters for the entire system and distributes secret keys to data users. A data user’s set of attributes is embedded in his secret key in List to realize access control. This system design will provide an efficient traceable authorization search system for secure cloud storage, which overcomes all these limitations. Inflexible authorized keyword search, Abuse of attribute secret key, inefficient decryption.


2. Project Title: Scholars Management System

Name of Students: Sagar Giri, Omkar Salvi, Akash Bendale

Project Description: Scholar’s Management system is actually a collection of web pages. It has three access modes: ADMIN, STUDENT and TEACHER. Every user has their own user name and password which will allow them in accessing info and performing tasks. Teacher and Admin will have authorities to access student information. Every process will follow the ideal path of granting permission regarding specific application/suggestions.eg. Application made by students for bonafide certificate will take request permission of respective (Teacher Guardian , Head Of Department, ADMIN). Information of any events can be displayed on home page. Scholar’s Database will actually help every particular to store information about many academic and non-academic events. Scholar’s Database system will actually help students to save time that they are wasting in queues for every process of Admin departments. Scholar’s Database will also track student’s attendance and academic growth; it will also track the participation of particular student in various activities which are held in college. Student can also track the fees that have been paid in college. Students can get their department, class, batch, and subjects’ information with it.

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3. Project Title: STUDY.INFO

Name of Students: Deepti Rana, Ashwini Karnale, Nikhil 

Project Description: Study.info is a web page that provides some basic facilities to the student such as their own online library of reference books, models and previous year question papers, answer key to the question paper and lots more. Basically, it provides many things at one place which will help a student to perform good not only in academics but also in the competition. The aim of project is to build a technology to solve the problem effectively. (Today there are many websites which provides question papers and their answers, but either solutions are paid or question papers are on different site and solution on different site. Sometimes syllabus is not readily available. Reference Books are not readily available sometimes in College Library.)


4. Project Title: Sentiment Analysis on E-Commerce Reviews Using Machine Learning

Name of Students: Shubham Derghewan, Himaja Gogineni, Shubhashish Chaterjee

Project Description: Sentiment analysis is an area of artificial intelligence that deals with identifying and classifying opinions and sentiments expressed in textual format. E-commerce websites contain lots of user reviews on products which can be useful for other users to judge the product. Hence, this system is building a tool for end users and customers for achieving the task using Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) as machine learning algorithm for building the tool


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5. Project Title: IOT Based Smart Home Garden Watering System

Name of Students: Aishwarya Sawant, Sharanjeet Kour, Manasi Pathak 

Project Description:  The need of every human being in this world is oxygen. Plants play a vital role in maintaining the carbon dioxide and oxygen content in the air. Number of plants is being destroyed each and every day for urbanization process. The number of plantings made is also reduced. Apart from this, more plants die due to lack of maintenance. The main objective of this IoT based gardening system is to maintain the environmental nature of the plants by continuously monitoring the parameters such as moisture level, temperature and water level. The development of the automation systems for the motor on/off once the level of the water is high. Android application is developed which are easily used to monitor the parameters of the garden and automate the watering process.  Arduino is used to connect different sensors which collect the parameters of soil and transmits the information to server through Node MCU Wi-Fi model.

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