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Computer Engineering

Department at a Glance

The Department of Computer Engineering of Dhole Patil College of Engineering was established in the year 2008. It has made significant progress since its foundation. The objective of the Department is to prepare students for triumphant careers in Software and Hardware industry, that aggregates the requirements of Indian and Multinational companies; and to outshine in higher studies and entrepreneurship. The Department has dedicated and experienced faculty members with strong commitment to the engineering education using professional ethics. The laboratories are based on advanced operating systems such as Windows and Linux. All laboratories and classrooms are fully networked and connected to the Internet.


To empower the students to be technologically adept, innovative and self-motivated. To motivate students to contribute significantly towards high quality technical education with constantly changing technological world. 


M1: To provide quality education in both the theoretical and applied foundations of Computer Engineering.

M2: To Train Students to effectively to apply their education to solve real world problems.

M3: To amplify their potential for lifelong high-quality careers.

M4: To give them a competitive advantage in the ever changing and challenging global work environment.

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