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Computer Engineering – Student Projects

1. Project Title: IoT Based Smart Irrigation Monitoring And Controlling Sysytem

Name of Students: Chetan Raj Singh, Akash Dhar, Manali Akhare, Namrata Dahane

Project Description:- The agricultural land mass is more than just a feeding source in today’s world. The Indian economy is highly dependent on agricultural productivity. Therefore, in the field of agriculture, detection of diseases in the crop plays an important role. To detect a plant disease in very initial stage, use of automatic disease detection technique is beneficial. This is one of the reasons that disease detection in plants plays an important role in agriculture field, as having disease in plants are quite natural. If proper care is not taken in this area then it can cause serious effects on plants due to which respective product quality, quantity or productivity is affected. This system is developed to detect the diseases, if any, in the crop. In addition, the system will transmit data regarding the soil moisture, air temperature, humidity and water level of the soil. This will help in reduction of water consumption and will also manage the plant process from theoretically and practically anywhere – whether from the non-cooperative or corporative offices. It will also provide facility for proper monitoring, reducing manual work and provide data security.

2. Project Title: Improving Efficiency of Foodtruck Using GPS Functionality

Name of Students: Abhijit Laxman Antre, Dattatray Dhanaji Shinde, Nikita Anil Gurav , Rutuja Mahadev Jagtap

Project Description:- Farmers and small scale sellers sell their product through food trucks and handcarts on roads which is difficult, time consuming, has less returns and is thus inefficient. This System is used to  track the locations of these farmers and small scale traders which in turn will help the customers in buying fresh and good products with a cheaper price. It will not only show the place where the traders are at but also the products they have and the prices of these products. This project includes GPS Location Tracking, Web Services, Android as well as Web App for the Feriwale or the so called framers or traders and Consumers or customers. This system will also generate statistics and various notifications on the device which in turn will help in providing the information regarding the feriwalas. This application will be a platform for the customers and the sellers to meet providing profit to both the sides. This includes GPS Location Tracking,Web Services, Android as well as Web App for the Sellers and Consumers.

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3. Project Title: Smart E-Stick for Visually Impaired Using Mobile Application

Name of Students: Piyush Rane, Devansh Singh, Yaduwanshi Ayan, Anuj Singh

Project Description:- This system is developed to aid the blind people and try and make their life easier. Presently, the visually impaired people use a simple stick as an aid to perform their daily chores. But the use of this stick does not make them completely independent and as confident as the people with normal eyesight. They are not capable of independently navigating to various locations, detecting obstacles or potholes, or even efficiently communicating with people in case of emergencies. This also increases the probability of accidents among the blind community. The smart e-stick is an IoT-based project that has Ultrasonic Sensors for the detection of potholes, staircases (up and down), low lying and knee level obstacles and even those above the waist. It also has buzzers which will buzz with changing frequencies according to the varying distance of the obstacle. The smart blind stick is also interfaced via Bluetooth with the users smartphone to introduce GPS navigation for the complete independent navigation of the visually impaired. GPS navigation will be provided through mobile application that will guide the blind. In case of emergency the blind person will be able to call or send his location to his/her relatives. This will help the blind person to navigate alone safely and to avoid any obstacles that may be encountered, whether fixed or mobile, to prevent any possible accident. Our motto is to make a stick that would be affordable to everyone with all the sensors that will help them to overcome the disabilities in the traditional stick.

4. Project Title: Tracking and Predicting Student Performance in Degree Programs Using Machine Learning Approach

Name of Students: Kailash R. Yadav, Omansh K. Singh, Ajay U. Choudhary

Project Description:- Educational Data Mining (EDM) and Learning Analytics (LA) research fields are now fully emerged as interesting areas for research and development, which are now exposing useful knowledge from educational datasets for many purposes like predicting student’s performance. Machine Learning techniques, scikit-learn library and its algorithms are applied to predict if a student will be able to perform good in his graduation or not. Predicting student’s future performance accurately based on their ongoing academic records is very important for effectively carrying out necessary interventions to ensure students on-time and satisfactory graduation. The evolving progress of student needs to be incorporated into the prediction. In this system,  a new machine learning technique is used for predicting student performance in degree programs which is able to address the above key challenges. The proposed methodology has two major features. First, a bilayer structure comprising of multiple base predictor attributes and a cascade of ensemble predictors which is developed for making predictions based on students evolving performance states. Second, a data-driven approach based on latent factor models and the probabilistic matrix factorization which is proposed to discover the course relevance and which is also important for constructing the efficient base predictors.

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