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Course Outcome

First Year Engineering

Course Name107001 – Engineering Mathematics – I
At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
Course Outcome Course Outcome
CO 1CO1: Mean value theorems and its generalizations leading to Taylors and Maclaurin’s series useful in the analysis of engineering problems.
CO 2CO2: the Fourier series representation and harmonic analysis for design and analysis of periodic continuous and discrete systems.
CO 3CO3: to deal withderivative of functions of several variables that are essential in various branches of Engineering.
CO 4CO4: to apply the concept of Jacobian to find partial derivative of implicit function and functional dependence. Use of partial derivatives in estimating error and approximation and finding extreme values of the function.
CO 5CO5: the essential tool of matrices and linear algebra in a comprehensive manner for analysis of system of linear equations, finding linear and orthogonal transformations, Eigen values and Eigen vectors applicable to engineering problems
Course Name107002: Engineering Physics
At the end of this course, the student will be able to:
Course Outcome Course Outcome
CO 1CO1: Develop understanding of interference, diffraction and polarization; connect it to few engineering applications.
CO 2CO2: Learn basics of lasers and optical fibers and their use in some applications.
CO 3CO3: Understand concepts and principles in quantum mechanics. Relate them to some applications.
CO 4CO4: Understand theory of semiconductors and their applications in some semiconductor devices.
CO 5CO5: Summarize basics of magnetism and superconductivity. Explore few of their technological applications.
CO 6CO6: Comprehend use of concepts of physics for Non Destructive Testing. Learn some properties of nanomaterials and their application.