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Mechanical Engineering – Student Projects

1. Project Title: Design and modification of sewage treatment plant using MBBR technology.

Name of Students: Mr. Marcus Chelli, Mr. Zuber G Jamadar, Mr. Rushikesh R Bholane, Mr. Kirtan K Nayak

Project 1

Project Description:-Sewage treatment process is to remove the various constituents of the polluting loads viz. solids, organic carbon, nutrients, metals, pathogens done by various methods in order to reduce its water and organic content to protect environment for better public health and socio economic concerns. The moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) has established as robust and compact reactor for wastewater treatment.

Sponsored by Malilal Technology Ltd., Pune

Project cost: Rs. 15000 (Approx.)

2. Project Title:Study and implementation of Upgrades to convert an existing petrol engine to hydrogen fueled engine.

Name of Students: Mr. Arihant P. Bhusari, Mr. Rohan R. Agarwal, Mr. Mayur A. Chavan, Mr. Saurabh R. Kohad.

project 2

Project Description:-Advancements in gas injector technology, it is possible to control precisely the injection of hydrogen for safe operation. Since the fuel cell needs certain improvements before using in vehicles, the conventional internal combustion engine is to play an important role in the transition. This study examines the performance characteristics and emissions of a hydrogen fueled conventional spark ignition engine.

Sponsored by Develop Train Maintain LLP, Chichwad, Pune.

Project cost: Rs. 17000 (Approx.)

3. Project Title: Design of Gear Deburring Mechanism

Name of Students: Mr. Shivam S. Gholap, Mr. Vicky S. Chavan, Mr. Pushkar S. Kolhe, Mr. Balaji S. Hallale.

project 4

Project Description:- A gear or cogwheel is a rotating machine part having cut teeth, or in the case of a cogwheel, inserted teeth (called cogs), which mesh with another toothed part to transmit torque. Geared devices can change the speed, torque, and direction of a power source. Gears almost always produce a change in torque, creating a mechanical advantage, through their gear ratio. The teeth on the two meshing gears all have the same shape. Two or more meshing gears, working in a sequence are called a gear train or a transmission. A gear can mesh with a linear toothed part, called a rack, producing translation instead of rotation. The gears in a transmission are analogous to the wheels in a crossed, belt pulley system. The deburring process is carried out simultaneously with the gear hobbling process. This saves considerable amount of time to get the finished product. Thus, all the objectives mentioned in the beginning are achieved by this method. Hence it is the optimum deburring process.

Sponsored by India Forge & Drop Stamping Ltd., Pune

Project cost: Rs. 14000 (Approx.)

4. Project Title:Vehicle Mountain Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Battery Charging

Name of Students: Mr. Satish D. Chaugule, Mr. Sujit B. Ambadkar, Mr. Akshay N. Dange,Mr. Chetan B. Suryawanshi.

project 41

Project Description:- The prime concern with this model is to create additional resistive force components opposite to the direction of the propulsion. It has been found by the simulation that a drag will be induced due to addition of turbine. But the addition of turbines may give the provision of capturing some energy which will offer some benefits for the vehicle. A physical structure of the design should be used to carry out wind tunnel tests which are yet to be done. At first the system may resembles with perpetual motion. But a careful observation may indicate that the system is trying to recover some of the energy spent to overcome aerodynamic drag. Concept of placing symmetrical turbines is presented in the work.

Sponsored by Tech Buzz Solution Pvt. Ltd, Pune

Project cost: Rs. 8000 (Approx.)

5. Project Title: Productivity Improvement of Bending Machine and Web Welding Machine. 

Name of Students: Mr. Vikas Yadav and Mr. Yash Karule.

project 5

Project Description:- The utility model discloses a full-automatic pipe bending machine and material handling in web welding machine. In Rod Bending Machine, whole machine is supported by a base with four supporting legs which has enough strength to carry the weight and force of machine. Two parallel shafts are clamped on base by clamps which carry the lower pulley. Pulleys are driven by dc motor with chain drive mechanism. The lead screw is get rotary motion from upper dc motor. Guide way and lead screw is fitted between two horizontal supporting plates, which are fitted on frame by the help of the two vertical parallel supporting plates. Microcontroller Unit consist of transformer, rectifier, capacitor, Production efficiency is improved by 300%, the production time is reduced by 3 times, and the application range is wide.

Sponsored by Zamil Steel Building India Pvt. Ltd

Project cost: Rs. 18000 (Approx.)

6. Project Title: “Waste Heat Recovery by Thermoelectric Generator

Name of Students:Mr. Kiran Kumar, Mr. Kiran Patil, Mr.Yuvraj Pawar and Mr. Sanket Borude.

project 6

Project Description:-

A thermoelectric waste heat energy recovery system for internal combustion engine automobiles is implemented. The setup is to directly convert surface heat energy from automotive waste heat to electrical energy using a thermoelectric generator (TEG). It is required to mount TEG material directly on automobile silencer such that heat energy can be converted into electrical energy. Whatever heat energy produced by TEG will be amplified by voltage boosting circuit so that energycan be stored in the battery for future use. Almost 20-50% of industrial energy input is lost to environment in the form of waste heat as hot exhaust gases, cooling water, and heat lost from hot equipment surfaces and heated products contributing 1/3 rd to green house gas emissions.

Sponsored by Tech Buzz Solution Pvt. Ltd, Pune

Project cost: Rs. 8000 (Approx.)

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