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Mechatronics Laboratory

Objectives: To comprehend elements of Mechatronics system, calibration of sensors, characteristics, concept of PLC system, ladder programming, system modeling and working of    Proportional, Derivative and Integral controllers.

Context:  Mechatronics is multidisciplinary course required in automation sector worldwide, for an enterprise emerging towards intelligent manufacturing. The laboratory is intended to provide application of electronics in designing electro mechanical systems, products and process control systems. Numerous medical applications such as magnetic resonance, ultrasonic probes and arthroscopic devices use mechatronics. The significance also lies in automatic air conditioning systems, security system and automatic door systems. It is also used in pressure, heat and position control systems.

Equipment list:  DC motor speed control trainer, flow measurement  setup, level measurement using capacitance, PLC based bottle filling plant, PLC trainer kit,  load cell, data acquisition system, switches and relays, P, PI and PID controllers, PLC based water level control, strain gauge setup and temperature sensor calibration, etc.