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Hydraulic Pneumatics Laboratory

Objectives: To comprehend elements of Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems, troubleshooting of hydraulic and pneumatic system components, characteristics, concept of gear pump, working of Hydraulic and Pneumatic valves and its working, its practical application in Industries along with its significance.

Context:  Hydraulics and Pneumatics is a multidisciplinary course required for manufacturing, automobile, and automation sector worldwide for an enterprise emerging towards intelligent manufacturing requires comprehensive technical abilities. The laboratory is intended to provide engineering students on the application of hydraulic and pneumatic valves, circuits and software in designing hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Many industrial applications such as regenerative braking circuits, speed control circuits, universal symbols used for different components, designing hydraulic and pneumatic circuits. The significance of this laboratory is to get rid with the basic components and circuitry used in the various industries.

Equipment list:  Gear Pump Test Rig, Hydraulic circuits trainer kit, Pneumatic Circuits trainer kit.