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Heat Transfer Laboratory

Objectives: To familiarize students with various modes of heat transfer such as conduction, convection, radiation and boiling and perform experiments on different setups. The main objective of this lab is students should understand the process of heat transfer physically and they should get perception of variation in temperature distribution according to different conditions.

Context: Heat transfer is the branch of science which deals with change in temperature based on given conditions and time. Heat transfer is a very important subject which commonly applied in renewable energy, industrial, commercial and domestic applications. The laboratory consists of experiments on various conductive, convective, radiative, boiling and condensing mechanism of heat transfer.

Equipment list:  Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of insulating powder, Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Composite wall, Natural Convection& Forced Convection apparatus, Pin-fin efficiency in Natural / Forced Convection, Emissivity of a Test surface apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann Constant apparatus, Determination of effectiveness of heat exchanger.