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Software Laboratory


  • To develop problem solving abilities using Mathematical Modeling.
  • To apply algorithmic strategies, Software Engineering and Testing while solving problems.
  • To develop time and space ancient algorithms.
  • To study algorithmic examples in distributed, concurrent and parallel environments.


Operating System Lab and Software lab II- System Programming Practical for TE IT is conducted in this lab. The intention of this lab is to learn fundamental concepts related to areas like operating system, system programming.  Under System Programming students implement Assembler, Microprocessor and parser. Software Lab V – Distributed System is also conducted in this lab for Final Year Student of IT Engineering.


Intel DC E5700 3Ghz, 2 MB L2 , 800 FSB, G41 Chipset, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, Gita Enet, No. ODD, USB KBD and Mouse, 18.5″ TFT Monitor, 3 OSW. (O.S.-WIN-7 & Linux (Fedora/ Ubuntu) ,10 KVA Online UPS with 16 Batteries and Battery Rack, Dot Matrix Printer EPSON FX 890 ,Sony LCD Projector, VPL – Ex100 with LCD Screen