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Hardware Laboratory


  • To Develop hardware Programming Skill With Multi-Core Programming
  • To Develop Raspberry Pi kit Programming And Administrative Skills
  • To Develop / Use hardware Data Storage Devices And Related Programming And Management Skills


The main objective of this Hardware Lab is to provide students hands on experience in computer hardware.  Advanced Graphics and Animation Lab for BE IT, Employability Skill Development Lab for TE IT and Computer Graphics Lab for SE IT are conducted in this Laboratory.  We also conduct Processor Interfacing Laboratory, Programming laboratory, and Object Oriented Programming Lab for the second year IT Engineering students. The lab provides all details which are required to understand the fundamental concepts of hardware programming skill.


Intel Duel core Processor E 5700, 3Ghz, 800MHz FSB, 2 GB RAM 320 GB HDD, Monitor 18.5” TFT USB KBD and Monitor, 3OSW    (O.S.-WIN-7 & Linux UBUNTU), 10KVA Online UPS with 16 Batteries and Battery Rack, DOT Matrix Printer EPSON FX-890.