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Engineering Physics Laboratory


To teach students basic concepts and principles of physics, relate them to laboratory experiments and their applications


The Engineering Physics laboratory belongs to First Year Engineering of Engineering Physics subject, it is conducted in FE SEM-I as well as SEM-II for same subject to nearly half-half students throughout the academic year.  The area of laboratory is approximately 72.00 Sq. Meter and total cost is Rs 245844.00. The laboratory can occupy up to 20 students and encourage them to induce and consolidate the concept in Physics.

These basic experiments are maintained in the syllabus of University of Pune. Experiments are useful to clear the theory concepts and increase the understanding level of students. It also helps to increase the interest of students in basic sciences and its applications in engineering.

Equipments: Newton’s Ring setup, Spectrometers along with diffraction grating, Ultrasonic Interferometer,Solar Cell ,Law of Malus Setup,Hall Effect Setup, Energy Band Gap Measurement Setup