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Engineering Chemistry Laboratory


  • To understand technology involved in analysis and improving quality of water as commodity.
  • To acquire the knowledge of electro-analytical techniques that facilitates rapid and precise understanding of materials.
  • To understand structure, properties and applications of speciality polymers and nano material.
  • To study conventional and alternative fuels with respect to their properties and applications.
  • To study spectroscopic techniques for chemical analysis.
  • To understand corrosion mechanisms and preventive methods for corrosion control.


The engineering chemistry laboratory is well located with an airy and spacious hall of floor area 72 sq.meter including a store area for safe keeping of explosive & corrosive chemicals in view of the laboratory safety. Each working table in the laboratory is well furnished with well connected with water supply & burners. The experiments prescribed by SPPU have been carefully planned in cycles so that individual students can conduct single experiments independently and multiplicity of gadgets is avoided ensuring maximum resource utilisation. The demonstrator to students ratio in the labs is maintained at 1:17 and the lab groups are planned at 17 each. The students conduct their lab assignments under the vigilant guidance and support of two faculty members, one laboratory in-charge and laboratory assistant. The chemistry laboratory is well equipped with various instruments other than the usual glassware & chemicals as per Savitribai Phule Pune University syllabus.


Muffle Furnace,Ph-Meter,Conductometer ,Colorimeter, Hot Air Oven, Scales And Balance,Distillation Unit.