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Basic Electronics Engineering Laboratory


  • The principle of electronics and working principle of PN junction diode and special
    purpose diodes.
  • The functioning of transistors like BJT, MOSFETs and OPAMP.
  • Basics of various logic gates, digital circuits and their applications.
  • Working and functions of various electronic instruments.
  • The operating principles and applications of various active and passive sensors.
  • Basic principles of communication systems.


Basic Electronics Engineering is a fundamental subject. Therefore, the subject is introduced at First year to all engineering courses to understand the working principles and applications of electronics devices.

In the Basic Electronics Engineering laboratory, students study the characteristics of semiconductor Diode, Field Effect Transistor, and Logic gates. They build and test combinational and sequential digital circuits. Also students are trained to handle basic instruments like Digital Multi-meter, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Signal Generators and Regulated DC power supply.

Hands-on experience helps in better understanding the subject. The experiments prescribed by SPPU for this subject have been carefully planned in cycles so that individual students can perform the experiments independently. The Student-Demonstrator ratio in the labs is maintained at 20:1. Supported by Lab In-charge and Lab-Assistant.

Equipments: 20 MHz dual trace oscilloscope Model : 201,Digital Multimeter 3 digits with special range of 2 A Model : Mastech 3900,1 MHz function generator Model : ST 4060,DC regulated power supply O/P 0 -30V DC 2 A single Model SVP030002,Single stage CE amplifier, Astable Multivibrator using IC 555,Study of components