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Automobile Engineering – Student Projects

1. Project Title: Development of Automotive Air-Conditioning Test Rig for Laboratory.

Name of Students: Mr. Uttam Hapaliya, Mr.Hitesh Thakur, Mr. Ganesh Hogale, Mr. Shatayu Jaiswal.

Project Description:- During last two decades automotive air conditioning systems have experienced worldwide significant advances introduced by industry and research institute. Experimental analysis is an effective method in analyzing Automotive Air conditioning system as well as the method of simulation, experimental method to analyze automotive Air conditioning system coefficient of Performance, focusing on relationship between COP and the compressor revaluation and motor rpm. As there is no Automotive Air conditioning test rig in Automobile engineering Department ARAC Laboratory. The market cost of this test rig is more than 1 lakh, so our aim is to develop the test rig for conducting the experiments in laboratory at minimum cost. 

Total Cost of Research Project- 60,000/- Rs (Funded by DPCoE)

2.Project Title: Design and fabrication of Foldable Electric motor Powered Three wheel Vehicle.

Name of Students: Mr. Shubham Bakade, Mr.Suprit Bardekar,Mr. Ronak Rathore, Mr. Jayesh Renge

Project Description: The population of world is increasing and area is decreasing. We are in the stage of compact world, where all things are going to compact, the time is to think about the vehicle which can be folded easily and can be taken everywhere. The basic aim behind our project is to make a portable vehicle which would be easy to handle by everyone. Also keeping in mind the parking problems, we have decided to make a portable suitcase vehicle which can be folded easily. So after use one can fold this vehicle into a suitcase and carry it along with him or her. While designing, we concentrated on power, economy, ease and comfort of riding and low maintenance cost. Also we concentrated on ergonomic factors to use the user a comfortable ride.

Total Cost of Research Project- 70,000/- Rs (Funded by DPCoE)

3.Project Title: – Design and Fabrication of Hybrid vehicle.

Name of Students: Mr. Sanket Kubade, Mr. Vinayak Aghav, Mr. Supritam Datta, Mr. Charls Naidu

Project Description: – The present global climatic conditions are not good due to the adverse effects of global warming. The key player in the increase in global warming is the green house effect. Green house effect is caused by the trapping of excess radiation in the earth’s atmosphere by the various polluting gases have a major part in the emission of these green house gases. In general a hybrid electric vehicle is a vehicle which has two power sources. One of them is a conventional I.C engine and the other one is most commonly an electric motor. The power to the electric motor comes from the energy stored in a battery pack. The battery pack can be recharged by connecting it to a power grid or the engine can drive a generator which in turn charges the battery. The vehicle can be driven by either the electric motor which gets its power from the I.C engine (series hybrid). Or the vehicle can be driven by either the engine or the motor or both simultaneously (Parallel hybrid).

Total Cost of Research Project 60,000/- Rs (Funded by DPCoE)


4.Project Title- Engine overheat and seizing prevention.

Name of Students: Mr. Ashitosh Jadhav, Mr. Yogesh Jadhav, Mr. Suraj Raut, Mr. Ranjit Shinde.   

Project description:-Overheating is a result of some problems in the automobiles engine like improper operation or daily maintenance, local climate, machine or parts specifications inadequate to perform the specified job. These can eventually cause thermal overload, combustion of the lubricating oil on piston sliding surface, uncontrolled combustion, eventual seizure of the engine moving parts or total damage of the engine. This study identified the causes of overheating. A software program (Expert System) was developed as a tool to carry out the technical diagnosing of the causes of the overheating. A flowchart was also developed for troubleshooting the causes of overheating of bulldozer engine. The causes of all the failures were analyzed and their respective proffered solutions to the problems and obviously shows the necessity for speedy stress free and cost effective means of machine repairs.


5.Project Title- Design and Analysis of Roof-Top Heat Resistant Cover.

Name of Students: – Mr. Akash Bhosale, Mr. Viraj Gaikwad, Mr. Chaitanya Londhe, Mr. Aditya Nakhawa

Project Description- As the depletion of ozone layer is growing day by day the UV rays from the sun is directly entering the atmosphere. Due to this there is a sudden rise in the atmospheric temperature. In this method we are making a three layer body cover which consists of taffeta materials, and double sided silicone coated fiberglass cloth. Bottom and top layers will consist the taffeta materials and the double sided silicone coated fiberglass cloth will be in between them. The double sided silicone coated fiberglass cloth is made up of high temperature and fire resistance fiberglass fabric. It can withstand temperatures up to 230°C. It is resistant to ozone, oxygen and sunlight, and has a long life up to 10 years. It is all weather proof, easily available, has high insulating properties, good flexibility, high surface friction, and good abrasion property.

6.Project Title-Design and Fabrication of underground vegetable harvester (Onion harvester).

Name of Students: – Mr.Shivaraj Chandgude, Mr.Vishal Jadhav, Mr.Palash Wagh

Project description-This project aims to harvest underground vegetables such as onion in efficient manner. This harvester was fabricated to facilitate effective harvesting to reduce manual effort of harvesting underground vegetables by farmers in the field. This objective was Accomplished by a setup consist of a set of belt. Belt will left  help of tension and force between two belt these belt wound on roller which rotate with help of transmission system run by IC engine. The project was done by conducting studies on various approaches towards vegetable harvesting. Crops parameter and field parameter were considered. A few areas regarding scope for future improvement were discussed and suggestion was made.

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