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Programming Laboratory – I & II


  • To operate on the various structured data.
  • To understand various data searching and sorting methods with pros and cons.
  • To understand various algorithmic strategies to approach the problem solution.
  • To design the algorithms to solve the programming problems.
  • To develop a logic for graphical modeling of the real life problems.
  • To suggest appropriate data structure and algorithm for graphical solutions of the problems.
  • To understand advanced data structures to solve complex problems in various domains.


The lab provides the basic concepts of designing the algorithms to solve the programming problems. It gives foundation for advanced programming and principles of programming language. It helps students to understand structural, computational and logical implications regarding programming languages and explores main programming paradigms. Students can apply Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles using C++ and Java in this laboratory.





Intel Dual Core Processor E5400 @ 2M Cache, 2.70 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Disk, Monitor 18.5″ wide TFT.       (O.S.-WIN-7 & Linux (Fedora)


Dot Matrix printer Epson LX-300+II


10 KVA Online UPS With 16 Batteries with Battery Rack


Dot Matrix Printer EPSON FX 890


EPSON LCD Projector with 1 Screen and One Mount Kit