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Civil Engineering – Student Projects

1.Project Title: Partial replacement of coarse aggregate by coconut shell and marble powder as an admixture.

Name of Students: Mr. Adil Chobdar, Mr. Rahul Sigh, Mr. Amit Pawar

Project Description:- Leaving the waste material to the environment directly can cause environmental problems. Hence the reuse of waste material has been emphasized. Waste can be used to produce new product or can be used as admixture so that natural resources are used more efficiently and the environment is protected from waste deposit.

2.Project Title: Experimental analysis of RC beams strengthening by NSM technique.

Name of Students: Mr.Akash Dhannajay, Mr.Arti Gayaki, Mr.Akshada Nivrutti ,Mr.Vishnu Jadhav.

Project Description:- Reinforced concrete structures all over the world require rehabilitation or strengthening at some point in their life span due to various reasons such as mechanical damage, environmental effects, increased service loads, and errors in design and construction. There are a number of methods for strengthening existing reinforced concrete structures. Externally bonded reinforcement (EBR) and the near surface mounted (NSM) technique are among the most popular strengthening method

3.Project Title: Cost effective design of aircraft hangar.

Name of Students: Mr. Apoorva More, Mr. Balaji Chavan, Mr. Adnan Shetsandi. Mr. Aftabahamad H., 

Project Description:- Hangar is the closed building structure to hold aircraft, spacecraft or tank in protective storage, as aircraft hangar have large clear space for parking of aircraft the span of truss is also very large. Hence, the design of trusses should have to meet safety as well as economy, hence, if the cost of truss is minimized the overall cost of hangar will also be reduced.

4.Project Title: Partial replacement of cement using GGBS – A sustainable approach.

Name of Students: Mr. Mohanjee Karn, Mr. Sagar Karwa, Mr. Rupesh Mirgake, Mr. Maheer Naru.

Project Description:- Concrete is a mixture of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water. Water Concrete plays a vital role in the development of infrastructure Viz., buildings, industrial structures, bridges and highways etc. leading to utilization of large quantity of concrete. On the other side, cost of concrete is attributed to the cost of its ingredients which is scarce and expensive, this leading to usage of economically alternative materials in its production.

5.Project Title: Design and analysis of bubble deck slab for Eco friendly construction.

Name of Students: Mr. Rajan Mishra, Mr. Shahjada Shah, Mr. Ajinkya Shingote, Mr. Shivam Singh.

Project Description:- Bubble Deck slab was invented by Jorgen Breuning in 1990. Bubble Deck slab is in fact modification of hollow slab which was in practice since well beyond 1960s. Bubble Deck slab is in every way similar to the flat slab except that it has hollow HDPE balls embedded into its core which replaces concrete that has no load carrying effect. Using these balls dead load reduction from 25 % – 50 % is achievable. A Bubble deck slab floor is a type of flat slab; therefore, it does not require beams and column heads.

6.Project Title: Use of geopolymer concrete with admixtures to improve strength.

Name of Students: Mr. Tejas G. Bhosale, Mr. Rajnish R. Singh, Mr.Atul R. Surwade.

Project Description:-Portland cement concrete industry has grown universally in recent years. The demand for concrete as a construction material has increased due to increase of infrastructure. However, Portland cement concrete generates problems such as durability and carbon dioxide emission, There are many ways to reduce environmental pollution (carbon dioxide) caused by the production of Portland cement and by the increasing of waste material.

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