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Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

Objectives:. Determination of soil conditions is the most significant task in every civil engineering activity. Properties of the soil can be determined by both field and laboratory test methods. The soil mechanics and foundation engineering laboratory is a compulsory and basic undergraduate course, where introduction to Geotechnical Engineering will be provided and also for graduate level research students.

Context: The students will be able to infer the suitability of these materials for construction of structure, foundation. This laboratory course will help the students to understand the theoretical concepts learned in the course Geotechnical Engineering.

Equipment: This lab equipped with Specific Gravity, Density, Compaction, Consistency Limits, and Shear Strength are determined in this laboratory, Vane Shear Test Apparatus, Triaxial shear test Apparatus, Direct Shear Test Apparatus, Unconfined Shear Test Apparatus, Direct Shear Test Apparatus.