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Geology Engineering Laboratory

1) To study the basics of engineering geology and introductory part of the earth science.
2) Two understand the utility and application of geological principals in various phases of civil engineering activities.
3) To describe the sources, and cauterization of common building materials.
4) To learn the basic aspect occurs due to structural features like folds and faults.
5) To explain various natural hazards and their implication on structures and effects on society.

Context: The aim of engineering geology lab is to identify and understand various properties of minerals and their behaviour against the natural processes. It includes the study of structural features like folds, faults, fractures, joints, formed in the rocks and their behaviour against any kind of construction activity carried on them like Dams, Bridges, Tunnels, and Reservoirs etc.

Equipment: This lab is equipped with a large number of Mineral samples, Rock samples, 3D models of Structural features, Mineral hardness testing kit etc.