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Programming & Problem Solving Laboratory


Laboratory Incharge (Faculty)

Prof. Ansari M Abdul Qadir

Laboratory Technician

Miss Snehal Valte


Significance of The Laboratory :

                         The significance of Programming and Problem Solving Laboratory is intended to provide practical knowledge of PYTHON Programming language. As we know in todays era most of the systems are developed using PYTHON and JAVA whereas PYTHON is one of the emerging language used in different fields of technology such as AI, Machine Learning, IOT etc. Hence by looking the importance and popularity of PYTHON Language this subject is included in the syllabus. The importance of programming language is well experienced in each and every engineering discipline. The Programming and Problem Solving Laboratory is well located with an airy and spacious hall of floor area 56 sq. meter including 23 Personal Computer. The experiments prescribed by SPPU have been carefully planned in cycles so that individual student can conduct single experiments with independent PC. The Demonstrator to students ratio in the labs is maintained at 1:20 and the lab groups are planned at 20 each. The students conduct their Lab. Assignments under the vigilant guidance and support of two faculty members, one Laboratory In- charge and Laboratory Assistant.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand problem solving, problem solving aspects, programming and to know about
    various program design tools.
  • To learn problem solving with computers
  • To learn basics, features and future of Python programming.
  • To acquaint with data types, input output statements, decision making, looping and
    functions in Python
  • To learn features of Object Oriented Programming using Python
  • To acquaint with the use and benefits of files handling in Python

Course Outcomes:

  • Ability To Write Programs At Systems Level Operating System Modules
  • Ability Of Problem Solving Using Multi-Core, Advanced Databases Techniques And Tools
  • Ability To Handle And Programming Of Storage Devices