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Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory


  • To introduce fundamental concepts, various laws-principles and theorems associated with electrical systems.
  • To impart basic knowledge of all electrical quantities such as current, voltage, power, energy, frequency along with different types of fields.
  • To provide knowledge about fundamental parameters such as resistance, inductance and capacitance and magnetic circuits, AC and DC circuits.
  • To provide knowledge of the concepts of transformer, different energy conversions.


Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory is intended to provide practical (application oriented) knowledge of Electrical Engineering. The Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory is well located and well equipped with an airy and spacious hall of floor area 75.82 Sq.M. Proper kits are available in number so that each student can understand the aim and perform the practical successfully. The students conduct their Lab and complete their Assignments under the needful guidance and support of one faculty members, one Laboratory In- charge and Laboratory Assistant.


Transformer , Variac, DC Power Supply, Load Bank