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Micro Controller Embedded Processor Laboratory

Objectives: The purpose of this lab is to Develop Digital Electronics Circuits and Program the Microcontroller to operate digital circuits

Context: This laboratory is used to provide intensive practical exposure to the students in the field of microprocessor architecture and industrial control through them. Different exercises in this lab includes Serial Data Communication between PC and 8085 microprocessor trainer kit, writing on EPROM and microcontroller Chip using UIP. The lab also provides the facility to interface the microprocessor with different circuits such as A/D converters, stepper motors, DC motors, multidigit displays, etc.

Equipment:  Microprocessor kit (8085), Microprocessor kit (8086), Microcontroller kit (8051), Interface boards, to name few, PPI, DMA Controller, Interrupt controller, Timer, ADC, DAC, Serial Communication, Stepper motor, Traffic control, Keyboard and display control , multimeter (digital), PC based interface, Function generator, power supply, RS 232c cable & connector, Universal programmer, UV EPROM eraser.