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Analog Circuit Laboratory

Objectives: The objective of this laboratory is to link the theoretical concepts of different analog electronics circuit with practical feasibility thereby giving them a scope to learn basic electronic circuits and their different electrical characteristics in a better way.

Context: Analog electronic circuit design is one of the important and challenging fields in Electronics. The area of analog electronics is one of the vast and complex areas in VLSI circuits design.

Many analog circuits are available in the form of IC chips. During this Lab course simple analog electronic circuits are designed using discrete components like Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, PN junction diodes and Transistors (BJT’s, FET’s, etc.). These designed circuits are tested and verified for their performance under the laboratory conditions using power sources like DC Power supply, AC sources like function generators. Their input and output parameters like input waveform, output wave forms, input and output current and voltage readings, the impedance or resistance offered by the circuit, etc are analyzed by using measuring instruments like multi-meter and CRO’s. The captured values from the instruments are noted and used for further calculations.

 Equipment:  This lab equipped with CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply, Power Amplifier Kit, Single Stage BJT Amplifier, RPM Indicator, Instrumentation Amplifier, Schmitt Trigger using OPAMP, Square Wave Generator kit etc.

Analog lab